Download the Life Line System app

It is important to share the correct information when an accident or other situations occurs. Here you can download our app that helps you to register the information that may be needed to be shared with others. Your information will not be saved anywhere else but in your bracelet.

What kind of information can I save on my bracelet?

When you download our app, all you need to do is to click on the Write button and fill out your information. Questions you will be asked are as below:

Full Name, Age, What country you are from, Blood Type, Health Conditions (such as diabetic, Alzheimers, pacemaker), Allergies, Additional Information, I.C.E Contact information, Your Contact Information, If you are pregnant, If you are an organ donor

Our app is available on AppStore, Google Play and AppGallery.

If you are an iPhone user Please mention that adding information to your bracelet is not available on IPhone at this moment but all the other functions working perfectly fine. We are working on the issue, but you can use any android to finish your registration in the meanwhile.

Usage Area

The usage of a Life Line bracelet can be found anywhere in the world and in thousands of different situations.

How to use?

Purchase our bracelet

You can buy bracelets by contacting us or contacting one of our distributors.

Download Apps

When you have the bracelet in front of you, download the LifeLine System app, press on Write and start to fill out the information you would like to add.”

Transfer information to Bracelet

When you feel done with the information, you press Add Information to Bracelet and hold the bracelet to the back of your phone where the NFC scanner is located and wait until the write process is successfully done.